Astral Travel for Beginners

Astral Travel for Beginners

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Transcend time and space with out-of-body experiences.

Discover the freedom to go anywhere and do anything.

Astral travel lets you visit exotic places, go backward and forward in time, watch over friends and family, and even find love. What you have already done thousands of times in your sleep can now become a totally conscious experience with this handy guidebook.

The exercises in this book are easy to follow, presented in a series of steps that will take you directly into an actual out-of-body experience. With 15 time-tested methods to choose from, you are sure to be astral travelling in no time. When you go on an astral adventure, you can:

  • Explore any place in the world
  • Speak with people from other areas and cultures
  • Carry on a relationship with friends and family members who have passed on
  • Take an astral trip with another person