The Witch’s Way

The Witch’s Way

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A Guide to Modern-Day Spellcraft, Nature Magick, and Divination.

This beautifully illustrated guide by Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway—coauthors of the wildly successful Wiccapedia—will inspire anyone seeking a wider knowledge of Wicca and nature-based spellcraft. Shawn and Leanna cover everything from the different types of witches and their practices to how to use plants and flowers in spells, drawing on the moon, love magick, and more. Complete with FAQ section with the most-asked questions today, and a special eight-page colour section on divining using colour pentacles. The Witch’s Way is an enlightening journey through the possibilities of this remarkable craft. 

What you will find in this book includes:

  • Working with cosmic helpers like gods and goddesses, angels, cupids, and spirit guides
  • Accessing nature magick, from dryad tree energy to the magickal aspects of flowers
  • Healing and helping herbs for poppets and pouches
  • Developing your sixth sense
  • Spiritual astrology 
  • Angel numbers 
  • Psychic plant power