Herbalist  and Iridology Consult

Herbalist and Iridology Consult

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Willow has studied herbalism for many years and has gained her master herbalist diploma along with her diploma of naturopathy, iridology, and Ayurveda medicine.
Nature provides the most natural processes for health, healing and happiness, as a herbalist I have formulated many remedies such as herbal teas and balms to assist people with many ailments.
Whilst Willow has spoken to many, women, men, and children about health-related issues the most common denominator is the need to keep the body in balance, using natural remedies and healing practices this can be accomplished quiet efficiently over time.
By looking at the person in a holistic way, and by taking into consideration the mind, body, and spirt a natural healer can address any underlying issues which may be presenting themselves as physical symptoms and illness.
Days Available - Tue, Wed & Saturday (Other days upon request)
Times - 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
Cost - $60.00 for a Consultation ( 30 min) and $60 for an Iridology Consultation (30 min)